Noni - Masterpiece

by Noni

Masterpiece I got that bomb, I got what them boys want
When I put it on him right, we be at it til dawn
Have your mans' face to work, he love the way I twerk

He love the way I bust it, he love the way I f—k
And now he's talking about, settling down

Meet his moms, why settle now?
Cause your girl with the drama?
He ballin' out on me, feel like I hit the number

right I feel that bone, causing I'm peeping undercover
He say I'm a masterpiece
Call me Master P

Cause there ain't limiting, when I make that say
Ooh Yeahhh
He loving how I rock that thang

Feel like we in a dream, cover of life
We fall back in the bed again
Ooh, Yeahhh

Do it Do it, do it babe Kid Culprit:
Girl you got what I want
Come and get what you need
I tattooed triple X on my stomach
Come and see what that means

I drop like 500 G's
Treat you like the real Mona Lisa
I put that body on the wall
Show you how to paint a masterpiece
Said she want a new whip with that top back
Ass fat, so I cop that
Kill time with that Dutty Wine
So I locked it down with no copybag
Now work it, girl don't close those curtains
Let these people see it, make it clap on repeated

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