Images 1972

Schizophrenic housewife, engulfed by terrorizing apparitions, kills off each, unknowing if these demons are merely figments of her hallucinatory imagination or part of reality.

Mirror Images 1992

A pair of beautiful twins gets involved in a murder case with a psychotic killer.

Mirror Images II 1993

Shannon Whirry stars as Carrie and Terrie, a pair of twins who were separated in youth when their father murdered their mother and was in turn killed by his own bad twin daughter. Now the sweet-natured "good" sister has grown up to marry an abusive louse. Trapped in a sexless relationship, she seeks solace with a therapist (Kristine Kelly), but her problems are about to be compounded when her wicked sister arrives in town, intent on avenging herself on her double for past wrongs. Even the help of a private detective on her side may not be enough when her sister becomes allied with her own husband.

Precious Images 1986

A cross-cut of nearly 100 years of American movies. We see the most precious film sequences that we all remember: From "Citizen Kane" to "Star Wars", from "Some like it hot" to "E.T.". The incredible short cuts of roughly a second each push the audience into a kind of trance and take them on a journey into their individual memories of great films of the 20th century.

Images 2016

A high school senior girl finds that there's more value to her than meets the eye after being photographed by one of her classmates.

Images 1970

A video piece by Ed Emshwiller

Images of Water 2012

This film describes different forms and manifestations of water. The experience of the filmmaker's body immersed in water, sunken into the liquid element, represents the main theme of this poetic essay on the imagination of this element.

Images 1994

A tribute to the French experimental filmmakers at the turn of the century.

Images of the Orient - "Vandalic Tourism" 2001

Working from archives of private film footage from a trip to India by the upper class of the late 1920s, a period of strong anti-colonial outbreak, Yervant Gianikian and Angela Ricci Lucchi deconstruct the images and analyze the attitude and behavior of Westerners in the East.

Fatal Images 1989

"...The tale of a psychopathic photographer that owns a studio in Los Angeles. In the opening, we see him slaughter an unfortunate undercover police officer, before bizarrely committing suicide in front of his camera. He had been wanted for sometime by Police, in connection with a spate of vicious mutilations across the city. After he takes his own life, detectives find piles of evidence littering his grimy apartment that relates to his path of murder." - Luisito Joaquín González

Dream Images 2016

A former electronica superstar presents a tour of his crumbling rural abode.

Grave Images 1991

Anthology suspense / horror film with the creepy caretaker of a cemetery introducing some of its occupants and how each was murdered. Segments include "Made for Each Other," "Art Lover," "Whodunit to Whom" and "Avid Readers."

Split Images 1992

A journalist knows more about a grizzly murder than is good for her. All her evidence points toward a mysterious millionaire but no one will believe her.

Erotic Images 1983

When her steamy Ph.D. thesis becomes a best-selling movie property, Julie Todd discovers that Hollywood wants more than just her book. She herself is a “hot property,” sought by both the director of the film and the arrogant young rock musician who’s playing the lead role. But while Julie speeds through life in the fast lane, her marriage may be running into a dead end.

Mental Images 1987

Computer animated short film showcasing the work of the German CGI software firm Mental Images GmbH.

Phantom Images 2011

A filmmaker continues shooting his film after his funding is pulled.

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