Off The Menu 2018

An unlikely heir to a Mexican fast-food franchise goes 'cuisine' hunting for the next culinary big thing, and finds himself in a small, dusty New Mexican town where foodies come from all over to salivate over the culinary treats of a local, authentic, and feisty female chef.

The Kids Menu 2016

THE KIDS MENU is a feature documentary from the team that brought you "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead." As filmmaker Joe Cross spent time traveling the world with his previous two films, he met thousands of people and one issue that came up again and again was what to do about the growing childhood obesity problem. In THE KIDS MENU, Joe meets with experts, parents, teachers and kids, coming to the realization that childhood obesity isn't the real issue, but rather a symptom of a bigger problem. The lack of knowledge of what healthy foods are. Lack of access to healthy and affordable options. And the influence of negative role models, whether a parent, teacher or even a celebrity. All of this together seems to be a lot to overcome, but when empowered, kids often make the surprising choice of the healthier path.

Tasting Menu 2014

A year ago, just before his break, Marc and Rachel manage to book a table at one of the best restaurants in the world, reserve to which none of them is willing to give. In this idyllic corner of the Costa Brava will find connoisseurs worldwide. Together they share one of the best sensory experiences of his life. It will be an unforgettable evening.

Menu 1933

A chef helps a housewife cook a duck dinner that will not give her husband indigestion.

Love on the Menu 2019

When chef Hank makes a deal with frozen food executive Maggie to save his restaurant, their unexpected attraction complicates matters, leaving Maggie conflicted: Does she choose her allegiance to her cut-throat boss or does she partner - both in work and in love - with Hank?

The Menu

The Menu will follow a young couple who get the chance to travel to an exclusive restaurant on a remote island where a twisted chef has prepared some shocking surprises.

Menú equivocado 2010

Marta is a fatty and shy girl who uses technology to relate to her friends. But this night will be different. It has a very special date with Carlos, the ideal man.

The Menu

Thomas and Jane are trying out a new and mysterious restaurant to spice things up in their relationship, but the menu might be more than they can chew on...

Menu total 1986

A traumatized young man, abused by his father, imagines himself as Adolf Hitler when dreaming of revenge. Schlingensief released this film, which follows no linear narrative structure, at a moment when right-leaning German intellectuals argued for a coming to terms of the country’s relation with its Nazi past. Schlingensief disagreed. (MoMA)

Menu for Murder 1990

Joanne Mayfield, head of the parental school commission, behaves like a dictator and makes all the other women her enemies. But when she suddenly falls dead on a party after having a sandwich, the main suspect is Susan, who served her the food. The handsome detective Joe Russo interrogates her repeatedly and they become friends. He invites her to help him with the investigation, what she happily accepts - too happily, says her husband.

Off the Menu: Asian America 2015

Off the Menu, a feature documentary, is a road trip into the kitchens, factories, temples, and farms of Asian Pacific America that explores how our relationship to food reflects our evolving communities.

Bishokushin's Special Menu 2013

Toriko receives an important assignment from the IGO; he is to accompany Biotope head chief Ayame and find the special hidden menu detailing the full-course meal of the legendary Bishokushin Acacia. The quest to uncover the secret of the special menu takes Toriko, Ayame, Komatsu, Zebra, Sunny and Coco through the dangerous Hungry Triangle to eventually land on the island known as “Acacia's Kitchen”. On the island they discover a bounty beyond anything they couldn't have imagined; rare species of animals, Regal Mammoths, terrifying monsters, strange ruins and a giant refrigerator. Toriko and Ayame explore the ruins where they are confronted by Girim, the former Bishokukai Special Cooking Adviser. Even crazier, the 3 sous chefs and a new GT Robo step in, turning the situation into an all out battle!

Off the Menu: The Last Days of Chasen's 1998

In 1995, Chasen's closed its doors after 60 years of serving chili to movie stars and visiting dignitaries, Presidents and the Pope. During its two final weeks, Chasen regulars (actors and producers), staff, and management sat for interviews. There's an Oscar party for 1500, footage and photos of famous diners, and time with Tommy Gallagher, the ebullient head waiter until retirement in 1994, his son Patrick, catering head Raymond Bilbool, general manager Ronnie Clint, hat check girl Val Schwab, ladies' room attendant Onetta Johnson, and foreign- born waiters, including Jaime. When he started in 1970, like other Latins, he wasn't allowed out of the kitchen. It's a family farewell.

Great British Menu 2006

Britain's top chefs compete for the chance to cook a four-course banquet for a high-profile figure.

Mercurio's Menu 2008

Mercurio's Menu is an Australian television cooking show hosted by Paul Mercurio. The series follows Paul as he travels to different regions of Australia and highlights the region's local cuisines, as well as talk to local chefs. It is produced by WTFN and airs on Channel Seven and a number of other stations in Australia and New Zealand. It is also shown on the Australian Network which beams out to more than 44 countries across Asia, the Pacific and Indian subcontinent. It has also been sold to various countries including Israel, Spain and others.

Ten Mile Menu 2010

Ten Mile Menu is a daytime cookery programme first broadcast in 2010 for ITV narrated by Caroline Quentin. The show features celebrities and chefs going head to head in front of a panel of judges. Each pair of celebrities is sent to a location, and must cook up a meal, consisting only of ingredients within a ten mile radius. The fist series contained five episodes and the second contained fifteen episodes.

Today's Menu for the Emiya Family 2017

Fate and food meet in a delicious and gentle world. It’s nothing but ordinary meal scenes... Delicious meals are served at the Emiya’s dinner table every day, through spring, summer, fall and winter. -- Let's see... what's for dinner today?

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