Along Comes a Tiger 1977

A mysterious martial arts master takes revenge on the Black Dragon gang for the murder of his father. After seeing his father killed by the master of the Black Dragon gang, a man known only as Miracle (or Cloud, in the Mandarin version) sets about taking revenge on the entire gang. Wang Tao stars as the Miracle man in this stylish kung fu movie, brilliantly choreographed by the master of mayhem Tommy Lee, who also co-stars as the leader of the Black Dragon gang.

Will of Iron 1991

Maggie came back to Hong Kong and gathered her grandmother back to Vancouver for good. She took this opportunity to bunch up with her boyfriend Michael, best friends Jackie and his wife Carol. Although Michael convinced her that the couple had moved to Macau, incidentally they met each other on the street. Maggie couldn't believe her own bare eyes that Jackie was already addicted to cocaine. And the most absurd fact that Michael was the drug dealer himself. Jackie owed the mob a great deal of money; and one of the gangster, Chau Sung was determined to force Jackie to the corner.

Bloody Duel: Life & Death 1972

Since 1895, the imperial forces of Japan have tightened their grip on Northern China, destroying all who dare oppose them. When the local kung fu masters get holes punched in them by the Japanese overseer (just like in that anime with the blood and the heads exploding... you know the one we mean), the young fighters must look outside their own tradition for a way to win.

Blood in the Snow 1956

A behind the scenes story of a small time folk opera troupe and other performers in Northern China in the 1930s.

Bloody Mask 1969

The Ming Dynasty was the ruling dynasty of China for three centuries. During its reign it encountered numerous rebellions. It is during just such a time that the small state of Yun finds itself caught between the two sides of an impending rebellion. The state of Yun must decide if it should rebel and align itself with the 8 Masters, or if it should stay loyal to the Emperor and the 4th Imperial Prince, Kao Ming.

Vampire Woman 1962

Married and with a son on the way, Zhang takes shelter in a big old house haunted by a ghostly female vampire.

The Story of Xiao-Yan 2004

Thirteen year old Xiao-Yan is devoted to her studies at her local school and determined to use them as a spring-board out of her mundane fate. Unfortunately for her, the school fees for the new term are set to increase from 20 yuan up to 24 and her mother, struggling to cope on her meager income while her husband is away working, is unwilling to stump up the new amount. Young Xiao-Yan is made of sterner stuff though and, in between looking after her two troublesome younger brothers during the holidays, she thinks of a way to raise the money herself. Initially she takes eggs from home and tries to sell them at the market, but this scheme proves to offer scant reward for her efforts. Inspired by the transactions of the local cattle market, Xiao-Yan forms an unsteady alliance with a street-smart urchin to raise a lamb with the intention of selling it on later for significant profit.

The 13 Cold-Blooded Eagles 1993

The Eagles are a group of orphans raised as killers, whose job is to liquidate baddies ….. or so they are lead to believe. Disharmony begins among the Eagles when they are ordered to kill Shinshu Monster, an ex-colleague of their loud-laughing leader, whom they call Foster Father. Before dying, Shinshu sows the seeds of doubt with the Eagle Yingming who, nearly dead, is nursed back to health by Quihua. Quihua's ill father is other of the Foster Father 's ex-colleagues, and is the holder of the Star Bleed Skill scroll, which the Eagle's leader covets above all else.

Children of the Chinese Circus 2006

Documentary looking at Shanghai Circus school, where the gruelling training regimes result in some of the best acrobats and circus performers in the world. Children as young as eight have their unformed bodies stretched and tested to breaking point as they learn to master the most taxing feats of acrobatic grace and daring. Harsh demands are also made of teachers and parents as their proteges strive to be number one in the circus, the Chinese way. (Storyville)

Blood Treasury Fight 1979

Master thief Chow Kwan-hai is the only person who knows the location of a stash of valuable pearls. With the help of a mismatched gang of criminals, assassins and pickpockets, Chow leads a suicidal mission to the Bloody Mill to find the treasure and hopefully make it back alive.

A Bloody Fight 1988

Keung and Fai had been good friends since childhood. They both had keen interest in boxing-matches. Having parted with Keung for more than ten years, Fai had become a police officer. On the contrary, Keung had joined an illegal organization as a professional killer. Keung decided to resign from the organization, but his family died of the explosion set by the chief leader, Mr. Chor. Keung saw Fai again because of Fai's younger sister, Mui. He lied to Fai that he had been working as a sailor for the past ten years. When Fai discovered that Keung was a professional killer, he got furious and expelled Keung away. After Keung had left, Chor's men came. Mui was raped and beaten to death. Keung decided to fight a duel with Chor...

Red Lamp Shaded in Blood 1968

Red Lamp Shaded in Blood is a decent Martial World film of the type that Chu Yuan made famous for Shaw Brothers. These are often based on the works of Jin Yong and Ku Long. Red Lamp features all the requisite tropes of the genre: various sects of the Martial World, an evil sect scheming to rule the Martial World, an outcast orphan sent on a quest, mystically acquired Martial Arts, a mysterious hermit, a mysterious killer and , of course, star crossed lovers.

The Peach Girl 1931

An upper-class son of urbane landowners falls in love with a peasant girl. When a pregnancy results, the couple are kept apart by strict societal morays.

Over The Sea I Come to You 2019

A story of laughter and tears that surrounds three different families in the journey of sending their children to study abroad. Huang Cheng Dong is forced to accompany his only son Huang Xiao Dong to study in the US after his wife's visa was rejected. In his travels, he meets Lin Sa, a high ranking executive who gives up her career to marry into a rich family and accompanies her new stepdaughter Wu Dan Dan to study abroad. After a series of hilarious mishaps, Huang Cheng Dong learns that Liu Ruo Yu who was supposed to act as his son's guardian has run into troubles of her own leaving him no choice but to find a way to stay in the US. Three families of different backgrounds cross paths in a foreign country and experience many trials that test their relationships with their loved ones.

Sealed with a Kiss 2011

Orphaned as a child, TongXue lives under the care of her maternal uncle. While she was working at a cafe, she caught the attention and attraction of Mo ShaoQian, CEO of YuanZhong Corporation. Little does she know that her father once betrayed YuanZhong Corporation by selling classified business details to a rival and indirectly caused Mo ShaoQian's father death. TongXue's father's betrayal plunged YuanZhong Corporation into a serious crisis and ShaoQian was forced to enter a political marriage with Mu YongFei, heiress to Mu Corporation, in order save his father's company. On their wedding night, ShaoQian became repulsed by YongFei's possessive, condescending attitude, and could not stand to live under the same roof with her. ShaoQian continuously sought to divorce Yongfei for the next ten years, but she resolutely refused despite both leading separate lives and being in a nominal marriage. After ShaoQian discovers TongXue's identity, he seeks to avenge his father's death. ShaoQian uses criminal evidence (embezzlement) against TongXue's uncle to blackmail her to live with him as his mistress. As ShaoQian gets to know TongXue, he begins to harbor very conflicted feelings for her. On the surface, he treats TongXue coldly and toys with her emotions. Secretively, ShaoQian cannot help himself but falls hopelessly in with love her and wants to protect her... But will TongXue be able to let go of her childhood sweetheart and reciprocates his feelings?

Snow Leopard 2010

The story of Zhou Wen, a graduate of Whampoa Military Academy for rich kids. After being sentenced to death for murder, he was able to escape. Changing his name to Zhou Wei Guo and joining the military, he went on to create the special operations task force known as “Snow Leopard” to fight off the Japanese during WWII.

Mysterious Snow City

Lost City in Snow Heaven, also known as Xue Yu Mi Cheng, is a Chinese fantasy-action television series released in 2005. The series was directed by Lai Shui-ching, Yu Ming-sang, and Yang Zhiqian, and starred Vincent Zhao and Ning Jing in the leading roles.


A troublesome girl Qin Xiao Lu separated from her parents as a child, making a living playing and cheating, until she became a highly qualified gangster. One day, Qin Xiao Lu blackmailed an owner of a BMW. I did not expect the owner to be a prince, the prince of the CMFU Academy. The two blame each other and together they go through a happy drama.

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