Trance 2013

A violent gang enlists the help of a hypnotherapist in an attempt to locate a painting which somehow vanished in the middle of a heist.

Trance 2001

Tony (John Light) works in an auction house, where he is surrounded by many valuable works of art. Enlisting the help of London gangster Brendan (Neil Pearson) and his associates, Tony hatches a plan to steal a priceless Goya painting. Things get complicated when the heist leaves Tony concussed and Brendan with no painting. When Brendan takes Tony to a Harley Street hypnotherapist to try to cure his amnesia and remember what he did with the painting, the hypnotherapist (Susannah Harker) realises she's onto something, and uses her considerable skill to manipulate minds and memories to her own advantage..

Trance 2010

Sexy girls at a rave turn into bloodthirsty killers after taking a mysterious new drug.

Theater in Trance 1981

Rainer Werner Fassbinder visits for two weeks the "Theater der Welt" festival 1981 in Cologne. 30 companies showed in over 100 performances their own visions of a new theater. Framed by Fassbinder's reading of one of the famous essays on theater: Antonin Artaud's "The Theater and its double". The audience is left to wonder how much of Artaud's radical and beautiful vision is realized in contemporary theater.

Trance 2008

Ten segments linked to a primary idea: an evocation of the early cinema images.

Trance 2002

Catherine Leoni (Tane McClure) is a connoisseur of the illusionary arts. She learned her craft from her grandfather, Henry Santorini (Harrison Young), a master magician with a disgraced past. Now in search of the fine line between reality and magic, she travels to Death Valley with her gangster husband Robert (Martin Kove) to meet Taylor Black (Bruce Abbott), a mysterious magician who is about to replicate Santorini’s ruinous past. Adding to the mystery is Wally (Wade Wallace), who claims he can smell ectoplasm, and Robert’s hit man Bongo (Robert Z’Dar). Under Black’s power, Catherine is forced to make a choice…find her own power or succumb to the TRANCE and the seduction of magic. This was the Best Fantasy Feature winner at the New York International Independent Film Festival yet remains obscure.


Trance is an upcoming Malayalam language film directed by Anwar Rasheed,[3] produced by Anwar Rasheed Entertainments. It features Fahadh Faasil in the lead playing 5 stages of life, along with an ensemble supporting cast Nazriya Nazim, Vedhika, Alphonse Puthren, Vinayakan, Soubin Shahir and Sreenath Bhasi. Amal Neerad is the cinematographer.

Yasiree Trance 2018

Malena is the first transsexual girl of the small island of Apipé, located opposite the powerful hydroelectric plant of Yaciretá. Between them, rocks the river. And tales about the origin of the Earth. Sailing between different stories about the island and the plant, Yasirée Trance invites us to create a new mutant cosmogony. Together with Malena, the film declares itself as transgender, and questions different possible narratives seeking its own mythology.

Al trance

2 min, color, sound, 16mm, Uruguay

En Trance 2016

Night scenes of a distant and silent Havana. Anonymous voices tell us about places they would like to visit and come back, places they would like to know and never forget. They tell us about the transition moment in which they coexist, a state sketched in the traveler as a building facade cut by the light of the street lamps at night. Impressions of Andrea Novoa’s state of trance, a flaneur, who experiences the mental space that appears when crossing corners and streets of a foreign city, suspended in the time.

Shanghai Trance 2008

Young Dutch director made an (almost) entirely Chinese film. In a city where everything is new, an outsider is in any case no more out of place than the locals. Cinematographic portrait of modern life in the mega-city of Shanghai is made up of three separate stories about dreams and loves of twentysomethings.

Trance Experience

Embark on a journey into the mind with this captivating fusion of hypnotic imagery and the best in trance music. Colorful, abstract graphics serve as the visual counterpart to the sounds of popular trance artists such as Yahel and Scorched Earth. Others on the lineup include Psycoheads, Ray Boyé, Massey, Threesome, Hardy Heller, Jaimy & Kenny D and more.

A Balinese Trance Seance 1981

Bringing offerings of rice, flowers, and woven coconut leaves, clients visit Jero in her household shrine to determine the cause of their son's death. Jero lights an incense brazier, sprinkles holy water, and recites mantras as preliminaries to trance. Several ancestors and finally the young son speak through her voice, revealing the nature of his premature death (witchcraft) and his wishes for cremation. In contrast to other films about Balinese trance which focus on spectacular, community performances, this film provides an intimate view of a fascinating process of communication between Jero, the spirits, and her clients who are at one point moved to tears. (

Hypnotized!: The Trance State 2014

Some researchers have found how hypnosis can allow us access to hidden memories, help us overcome phobias and can be used to manage pain. It can even be used to retrieve lost memories from purported past lives and alien abductions. The results are intriguing, if not controversial. Some are humorous while others have lead to tragic consequences. In this program, we will explore the history, beliefs and the research on hypnosis to see if it can tell us about our limitations and our possibilities.

Jathilan: Trance and Possession in Java

Practiced in Java for centuries, Jathilan is a folk dance that uses the power of music and dance to channel powerful and sometimes terrifying forces. Led by a spiritual guide and a whip-bearing ringleader, a group of dancers ride woven horses in rhythmic unison until they are entered by spirits. Once possessed they engage in a range of self-mortification behaviors until safely emerging from their altered state, left with no memory of the event and no lingering ill effects. The film combines footage of a number of Jathilan performances with interviews with dancers, spiritual leaders, anthropologists, and enthusiasts.

Paul Oakenfold - A Voyage Into Trance 2004

Tracks: Trancemission (Genetic), Sly-Ed (Man with No Name), Aliens (Total Eclipse), Teleport (Man with No Name), Superbooster (The Infinity Project), Wicked Warp (Mandra Gora), Voyager III (Prana), New Moon (Ayahusca), Feeling Weird (The Infinity Project), Slinky Wizard (Slinky Wizard), Fat Buddha (Black Sun), LSD (Hallucinogen)

When You Fall Into a Trance 2014

How can we be objective about ourselves? Emily Wardill’s delicate narrative of interconnections explores the mysterious relationship of mind and body. Neuroscientist Dominique is treating Simon, who suffers from the loss of his proprioception – his sense of the relative position of his body parts. Her daughter Tony is a synchronised swimmer, perfectly in control of her own body as a way of running away from her mind. Dominique met her lover Hugo on a dating website. He claims to be a US spy. Is it a lie or his fantasy? From different perspectives, all these figures exemplify an interior alienation that distorts their cognition of their respective worlds.

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