Karate Girl 2011

In Okinawa, Ayaka Kurenai was born in the world’s greatest legendary Karate family. When she was a child, her family was attacked by a mysterious gang that seeks legendary black belt. Her father Soujiro Kurenai was killed and her younger sister was taken in front of her. Time has passed. In Yokohama, she was spending her life as a normal high school girl, hiding her real name and her status as a heir of the legendary Karate family. However, one incident brought her a fateful encounter with her sister who was separated in their childhood. But, her sister was raised as a heartless killing machine by the mysterious gang who took her. .

KG 2018

Subjectively capturing the spirit of contemporary Athens, Madansky turns to Greek anarchist poet Katerina Gogou as a source of inspiration. The relationship between cinematic form and language is questioned using performance as a guiding force, accompanied by a striking soundtrack by longtime collaborator and contemporary harp pioneer Zeena Parkins.

K-G for Better or for Worse 2002

K-G has lost his foothold in life. He has no energy, doesn't know what he wants, and cannot work anymore. His wife Birgitta doesn't understand him.

In Gold We Trust 2010

A group of adventurers make off with 600 kilograms of gold in Guyana, but when their helicopter crashes in the jungle, gold fever takes over.

King-Size Canary 1947

A hungry cat has the idea of giving "Jumbo Gro" fertilizer to a scrawny canary to make him a bigger meal, which leads to a race between the cat, the canary, a dog, and a mouse to see who can grow the biggest.

K.G.F: Chapter 1 2018

A period drama set in the 1970s, KGF follows the story of a fierce rebel who rises against the brutal oppression in Kolar Gold Fields and becomes the symbol of hope to legions of downtrodden people.

The KGB, the Computer and Me 1990

In 1986, astronomer turned computer scientist Clifford Stoll had just started working on a computer system at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory when he noticed a 75-cent discrepancy between the charges printed by two accounting programs responsible for charging people for machine use. Intrigued, he deduced that the system was being hacked, and he determined to find the culprit. This is the re-enactment of how he tracked down KGB cracker Markus Hess through the Ethernet to Hannover, Germany.

The Secret KGB Sex Files 2001

The KGB was, for 50 years, an intelligence agency, using money, sex and blackmail as tools to entice foreigners to betray their countries and hand over secret information. We enter the vaults of the KGB to see the use of the "Honey Trap" -- the use of women in sexual situations to snare victims and obtain secret information. How did the KGB identify U.S. Marines who worked at the U.S. Embassy and target them, leading to compromise and in the case of marine Lonetree, to a 30 year prison sentence. We see a bumbling FBI agent selling out his country for sex in a car, and the CIA officer who lived a lavish lifestyle at the cost of agents' lives. Hidden cameras reveal seduction, passion and sexual conduct all used to destabilize enemy governments.

CIA vs KGB: Battleground Berlin 2016

For 50 years, Berlin was the symbol of the Cold War. The city at the heart of the intelligence war between the US and the Soviet bloc. Thousands of KGB or CIA, agents observed each other, cogs in the biggest information war in history.

The Secret KGB UFO Files 1998

For five decades, American agencies have stockpiled information on UFOs. So did their counterparts behind the iron curtain. Soldiers, scientists and spies all paint a disturbing picture of the KGB's secret campaign. The UFO encounter that almost sparked a nuclear war. The pair of MiG fighters that tried to shoot down a UFO - both jets blown out of the sky! Stunning proof that the Soviets recovered something not from this earth! Amazing film footage smuggled out of Russia. This exclusive investigation into one of the most compelling events of our time is hosted by Roger Moore.

Icarus 2010

Trained KGB assassin, EDWARD GENN (code name ICARUS), worked years ago as a sleeper agent in America. But when the Soviet Union collapsed, he quickly found himself in a foreign country with no one to trust. Determined to escape his muddled existence, EDWARD tries to start over. He assumes a new identity, starts a family and tries to start his own legitimate business that could potentially pull him out of his world of being a hitman.

Thieves in KG2 2001

Two thieves, Hassan and Sebaey, plan to rob the safe in the Kaitby Fortress in Alexandria, but the police capture Sebaey, who asks Hassan to take care of Nesma, his daughter; if he does this, Sebaey will not say that Hasan conspired in the robbery attempt. Hassan meets Nesma's teacher, Miss Reem, and the two become romantically involved. Miss Reem does not know of Hasan's history.

KGB Agents Also Fall in Love 1991

A Russian agent is sent to a mission in Chile as a punishment. While there, he continues his adventures in a massage parlor where he meets Paola - a young prostitute he falls in love with.

K.G.F: Chapter 2 2020

Rocky, whose name strikes fear in the heart of his foes. His allies look up to Rocky as their Savior, the government sees him as a threat to law and order; enemies are clamoring for revenge and conspiring for his downfall. Bloodier battles and darker days await as Rocky continues on his quest for unchallenged supremacy.

Pray TV 1980

A failing television station is bought out by a slick TV evangelist and starts making mountains of money in the guise of religious programming, which is actually just an excuse to sell merchandise.

The KGB Connections 1982

Documentary - This 1982 film explains the KGB infiltration of America. Who they are, what they are doing, and how well they have infiltrated North America. - Harold Brown, Nikita Khrushchev, V.I. Lenin

KGB 2019

Two Indigenous detectives race to solve a major case in their sketchy neighbourhood, but find their loyalties compromised when they discover that most of the suspects are family.

Boys Over Flowers 2009

A working class girl winds up at an exclusive prep school. Unassuming high school girl Jan Di stands up to -- and eventually falls for -- a spoiled rich kid who belongs to the school's most powerful clique.

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