Adé 2015

A young man's past catches up with him when his estranged wife, who suffers from bipolar disorder, returns with his son whom he does not know.

Irmandade 2019

A Irmandade of ghosts hides beneath the layers of time. Through Vasco da Ponte’s illustrated manuscripts, we search for a mythical past: one that resonates in a subterraneous form amongst a landscape full of invisible presences that are activated and take on a life of their own each time we think about them.

After Winter Comes Spring 1989

Shortly before GDR’s collapse, Helke Misselwitz traveled by train from one end of the country to the other interviewing East German women of different age and background. In this documentary masterpiece, women reveal their personal and professional frustrations, hopes and aspirations—and, in doing so, paint a portrait of a changing society. The landscape and architecture of East Germany, filmed in B&W on 35mm by Thomas Plenert, form the background to the stories.

K40 Adé 2006

The two directors talk about a film they shot years ago.

Hard Off 1999

This French romantic comedy-drama concerns Claude Langmann, a middle-aged auctioneer, who is in a loving marriage with his second wife of 15 years. Though he is deeply in love with his wife and has remained faithful to her, he finds himself unable to perform in bed. His wife says she is satisfied with Claude's love and tenderness, but he visits a sex specialist anyway. There he learns of Viagra, which is not yet approved in France, though it is available in Switzerland over the counter. Soon Claude is on his way to Geneva, and eager to prove his manhood, tries to bed Agnes, his very attractive and very available assistant. His daughter, who also comes along for the trip, interferes with her own problems.

Sorority House Massacre II 1990

Five college women buy the old Hokstedter place for their new sorority house. They got it cheap because of the bloody incidents from five years before. They decide to stay in it for the night so they can meet the movers in the morning, but begin to get the creeps when the weird neighbor Orville Ketchum starts poking around. Shortly after the women take showers and consult a Ouija board they begin experiencing an attrition problem.

Sandade Sandadi 2002

Three friends vexed with their wives try to commit suicide, but end up saving a businessman. He then seeks their help to put his wayward daughters on the right track. But do things go as planned?

Mr & Mme Adelman 2017

How did Sarah and Victor get along for more than 45 years? Who was this enigmatic woman living in the shadow of her husband? Love, ambition, betrayals and secrets feed the story of this extraordinary couple, as they experience both the large and small moments of the last century's history.

Our Tropical Island 2001

A businessman is leaving for his family vacation in the South Pacific when he finds out that a rival has emptied his bank account. To save face he and his family lock themselves in the house, pretending to have gone on their trip, but it is not so easy to hide from the outside world.

The Story of Adele H. 1975

Adèle Hugo, daughter of renowned French writer Victor Hugo, falls in love with British soldier Albert Pinson while living in exile off the coast of England. Though he spurns her affections, she follows him to Nova Scotia and takes on the alias of Adèle Lewly. Albert continues to reject her, but she remains obsessive in her quest to win him over.

A.I. Rising 2019

On a lonely mission to Alpha Centauri, Milutin is teamed up with Nimani 1345, a female cyborg designed to fulfill his every need. At first thrilled to be able to control her, Sebastian grows tired of having his desires fulfilled so easily. Longing for human intimacy, Sebastian alters Nimani's programmed responses, but in doing so he risks the mission's security — and his own life.

The Sea Inside 2004

The Sea Inside is about Spaniard Ramón Sampedro, who fought a 30-year campaign to win the right to end his life with dignity. It is the story of Ramón’s relationships with two women: Julia a lawyer who supports his cause, and Rosa, a local woman who wants to convince him that life is worth living.

Adele: Live at the Royal Albert Hall 2011

Live At The Royal Albert Hall was recorded on September 22 at the height of what has been an amazing year for Adele. This concert video features vocalist Adele's groundbreaking performance at the Royal Albert Hall in London. The extensive set list includes fan favorites Rolling in the Deep, Turning Tables, Someone Like You, Rumour Has It, and much more.

Adele - Live at Glastonbury - 2016, Jun 25 2016

As she readily admits stress beyond comprehension before a live performance, Adele gave an amazing concert at the Glastonbury Festival 2016. The event brought together the biggest names in the music scene as Muse or Coldplay who rubbed shoulders more underground artists such as our Christine and the Queens who attended Glastonbury for the first time. It was also a baptism of fire for Adele who, as usual, has captivated audiences with her powerful voice and her humor so natural. The Hello interpreter offered its fans from his greatest hits in number - Skyfall, Someone Like You, or Hometown Glory - it was able to mix tracks of 25, his latest opus.

Cabaret 1972

Inside the Kit Kat Club of 1931 Berlin, starry-eyed singer Sally Bowles and an impish emcee sound the clarion call to decadent fun, while outside a certain political party grows into a brutal force.

Pledge Night 1990

In order to become a member of a fraternity, the applicants have to go through initiation rituals to show their loyalty. Way back in the 1960s, someone played a nasty trick on the student Sidney Scheider: He had to take a bath in a tub filled with cornflakes and coffee grounds, vinegar and even more disgusting substances. Nothing unusual so far but someone had replaced the water with pure acid. Sidney was seriously wounded and died a horrible death. This year Acid Sid returns with a vengeance, killing everyone who comes his way. One by one is slaughtered and in the college hell breaks loose.

Adele at the BBC 2016

In this one-off BBC Music exclusive celebrating the release of her new album 25, Adele performs some of her world-famous classic tracks, as well as eagerly awaited new material, accompanied by her band in front of a live studio audience. Plus host Graham Norton talks to Adele about her career and extraordinary life to date. There's also some fun to be had as Adele gets up close and personal with some of her biggest fans. The show includes Adele's first television performance of Skyfall since the 85th Academy Awards in February 2013, where she won Best Original Song for the theme music to the 23rd James Bond film.

Death Riders 2011

Elijah Kane and his team try to break up an organized crime syndicate known as the Yakuza and diffuse a hostage situation. Kane and his team set out to take down the Yakuza once & for all.

Brotherhood 2019

An honest lawyer reaches a moral crossroads after the cops force her to inform on her incarcerated brother, the leader of a rising criminal faction.

The Real Hustle 2006

The Real Hustle was a BBC television series demonstrating magic tricks, distraction scams and proposition bets performed on members of the public by Conran and Wilson with "sexy swindler" Jessica-Jane Clement. From series 10, entitled "New Recruits", Jazz Lintott and Polly Parsons joined the hustlers.

Un paso adelante 2002

Un Paso Adelante was a Spanish TV drama similar to the American 1980’s TV series Fame. It was originally broadcast on Spanish channel Antena 3 from 2002 to 2005. It has also been a huge success in Spanish-speaking countries, in Germany, Italy, Serbia, Montenegro and in France. It began airing on Séries+ in Canada in 2011.

Adelheid und ihre Mörder 1993

Adelheid und ihre Mörder was a German comedy-drama television series broadcast between 1992 and 2006 by Norddeutscher Rundfunk. 65, 50 minute episodes in five series were produced. Directors included Ulrich Stark, Arend Agthe, Claus-Michael Rhone, Stephan Meyer and Stefan Bart Mann.

Brotherhood of the Rose 1989

Romulus and Remus were picked up at an orphanage at a young age, raised together as brothers and trained to supersede every other CIA agents.

True Blood 2008

True Blood is an American television drama series created and produced by Alan Ball. It is based on The Southern Vampire Mysteries series of novels by Charlaine Harris, detailing the co-existence of vampires and humans in Bon Temps, a fictional, small town in northwestern Louisiana. The series centers on the adventures of Sookie Stackhouse, a telepathic waitress with an otherworldly quality.

True Love 2012

A five-part series of intertwining, semi-improvised love stories exploring the reality of love in the modern world.

For the Sake of Son 2011

Ji-Sook is sent to South Korea to take her husband Tae-Soo back o North korea. Tae-Soo is an agent of the South Korea National Intelligence Service. 15 years ago, Tae-Soo infiltrated North Korea, marred Ji-Sook and had a son. He then returned to South Korea, leaving behind Ji-Sook and their son. Ji-Sook and her son were then sent to a forced labor camp due to her husband's actions. High-ranking North Korean officials trained Ji-Sook and sent her to South Korea to carry out a mission. Her mission is to persuade Tae-Soo to go back to North Korea. Ji-Sook's son is held as a hostage. Meanwhile, Sung-Ho is a detective, who has a son. He lost his wife 10 years ago. One day, Sung-Ho and his son eat at a small neighborhood restaurant they often frequent. Sung-Ho and his son talk about who will do household chores and the restaurant owner suggests someone that can do the chores. At first, Sung-Ho says no, but then he sees Ji-Sook walk into the restaurant. Sung-Ho falls in love with her at first sight. Sung-Ho asks the restaurant owner if Ji-Sook is the woman who can do the household chores. The restaurant owner replies yes. Sung-Ho decides to hire Ji-Sook at that moment. Sung-Ho has no idea that Ji-Sook and the restaurant owner are North Korean spies and they approached him on purpose.

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