Tau 2018

Held captive in a futuristic smart house, a woman hopes to escape by befriending the A.I. program that controls the house.

The First 7th Night 2009

A helpless Taxi driver, a mysterious delivery boy, a 30 years abandoned motel, a touching past, all come together to form a strange tale. One day, a strange passenger Xiao Ma hires a taxi driver named Map King, paying him a huge sum of money to take him to an abandoned old motel. The Chun Lei Motel was mysteriously burnt 30 years before, and has been abandoned since. Very few people remember that the hotel ever existed and no one ever speaks of it. To Xiao Mas' surprise, the taxi driver actually knows the way to the motel. Ah Fang, was the owner of the motel. She had lived peacefully in the motel with her young son and husband. Seven days after the unfortunate death of her beloved husband, four thieves visited her motel. By the end of that evening, the motel was in flames and everyone involved had vanished. Thirty years after that fateful night, Xiao Ma and the taxi driver reach the motel.

Zombies of Mora Tau 1957

American tycoon George Harrison, his beautiful wife, Mona, and deep-sea diver Jeff Clark are off the coast of Africa hoping to salvage a fortune in diamonds at the bottom of the sea near the voodoo-haunted island of Mora Tau, and are joined by an English girl named Jan. The treasure is reported to be guarded by Zombies, walking dead-men doomed to roam the earth until men stop trying to find the sacred treasure. Here, they are walking the sea-bottom, and there is a large conflict of interest between them and the treasure-seekers.

Pan Tau 1988

Pan Tau, the friend of all children, now also helps the adults. A movie producer is in trouble and decides to shoot other Pan-Tau movie. But the old Pan-Tau actor Karasek is no longer young enough to walk the almost weightless walk of Pan Tau. Mr. Novak turns up - he resembles Pan Tau like a twin brother. He succeeds every pirouette. And as if by magic, he solves all the problems between people! Who is Mr. Novak? Is he really ...?

Táu 2012

Gustavo travels to the desert of Wirikuta in search of native species for his research. During his journey into the desert a series of strange events haunt him until one night he is assaulted, losing all of his belongings. The will to survive forces him to start the trek across the desert. It seems all is lost until Ana, his dead wife, appears. With the help of an old Huichol, Gustavo will confront his past and present life.

A Kiss Stolen 2000

Stephen is about to enter University. He's been with his girlfriend Sophia for a while but he still hasn't made love to her because she's shy. When Stephen goes to University, he meets Amy and suddenly finds himself torn between two women.

Tau Seru 2013

In the vastness of the Himalayas, a young nomad’s curiosity lies beyond the horizon.

De dragul tău, Anca 1983

A teenager has problems coping in school in family. She doesn't feel she fits anywhere, but there are still some people that give her hope and strength.

Tau Ceti Four

A group of rebels set out to kill the oligarchs and military thugs who terrorize a war-torn planet in the remote Tau Ceti solar system.

The Saint of Gamblers 1995

Lui is the tyrant of gamblers in Macau. He puts forward a masked Saint Of Gamblers to cover for him in the casino. Meanwhile, Uncle Sam has lost his livelihood since the real Saint Of Gamblers retired. So he sets out in search of the new Saint. He discovers God Bless You, who possesses extraordinary powers and takes him under his wing. God meets Ho, the Goddess Of Gamblers from Thailand, and learns that she has planned to kill Yuen and her younger brother, Lung. Lui, knowing that God is in love with Yuen, abducts her so that God will be too depressed to perform well in the competition. But then something unexpected turns up...

Diamond Hill 2000

Carrie Ng and Hui Siu-hung play the adoptive parents of Maggie Poon, whose brother they leave in the orphanage. He escapes and hides under his sister’s bed, setting up camp there for the next several years. Brother and sister are torn apart again when Carrie Ng sells the bed and Maggie races through the night to rescue her lost sibling.

Gong Tau 2007

CID detective Rockman was sent to Thailand to investigate a case involving the Hong Kong and Thai underground syndicate. During his visit he met a sexy table dancer called Elli, they had a brief but hot steamy affair. Unexpectedly Rockman was ordered to return to Hong Kong. Before leaving he promised Elli he would return. But he never did. Heart broken Elli felt she was deceived. Rockman never expect his affair would bring the worst luck for him and family. Three years later in Hong Kong, when Rockman was busily investigating a murder case one stormy night, a senior policeman was murdered by a most wanted fugitive Lam Chiu. On the other hand, Rockman's wife broke down after their son died mysteriously. All the major newspapers headlined the two cases, saying the murder and the baby's death are related. Frustrated Rockman worked closely with Brother Sum well seasoned detective...

Your Studio and You 1995

A parody of 1950s corporate/industrial films, commissioned by Universal Pictures executives after the studio's purchase by Seagrams, and featuring cameos by many stars and directors.

Pan Tau 1970

Pan Tau always had a gentle expression and a friendly smile, he was elegantly dressed in a stroller, with an umbrella and a white carnation in the lapel. Foremost, he was famous for his magic bowler hat. By tapping on his hat, Pan Tau was able to change his appearance into a puppet, to conjure up miscellaneous objects or to do other magic. His most characteristically behavior is that he would help children who were experiencing some sort of difficulties in-between their dreams and reality, like finding a place for skiing, settling family problems on Christmas, and even give a boy a good time at a fair when he is supposed to have piano lessons. To adults, he usually remained invisible.

Initial D 1998

Takumi Fujiwara is the son of the owner of a local tofu shop. At night, Fujiwara gets in his souped up AE86 Sprinter Trueno (AE86 Corolla GT-APEX) and races on the seldom-used Japanese mountain roads. One night, the Akagi Red Suns team, a racing club, challenges the Akina Speed Stars to a race on the mountain where Fujiwara lives. Keisuke, one of the leaders of the Red Suns, races his legendary Mazda RX-7 - only to be beaten by the mysterious Fujiwara.

Rawhide 1959

Rawhide is an American Western series starring Eric Fleming and Clint Eastwood that aired for eight seasons on the CBS network on Friday nights, from January 9, 1959 to September 3, 1965, before moving to Tuesday nights from September 14, 1965 until January 4, 1966, with a total of 217 black-and-white episodes. The series was produced and sometimes directed by Charles Marquis Warren, who also produced early episodes of Gunsmoke. Spanning seven and a half years, Rawhide was the fifth-longest-running American television Western, exceeded only by eight years of Wagon Train, nine years of The Virginian, fourteen years of Bonanza, and twenty years of Gunsmoke.

Art of Crime 2017

Fired for insubordination, PJ Antoine Verlay, good cop but a blood strand and having difficulty working as a team, is attached to the OCBC (Central Office for the fight against Traffic in Cultural Goods) thanks to the intervention of the commander Pardo, his friend who becomes, therefore, his new superior. A clever investigator, but a stranger to everything related to culture, Antoine will have to work with Florence Chassagne, renowned art historian, who lives, speaks and breathes culture, to the point that - fruit of her great imagination - it happens to her in the midst of daydreams, to see and talk to the great artists who have disappeared as if they were familiar to her.

Zombie House Flipping 2016

Exploring the recent trend of house flippers scooping up foreclosed and often abandoned "zombie houses" and renovating them to return neighborhoods to their former glory.

The Adventures of the Mole 1957

Created by Czech director and animator Zdeněk Miler in 1956, Krtek, or The Mole in English, was an international hit with children. Because the cartoons were presented with no dialogue, Krtek was held to no national boundaries. Milers daughter voiced the noises and grunts that Krtek made, and gave Miler the feedback from a child's perspective he needed to keep his stories focus on his young fans.

Silent Witness 1996

Silent Witness is a British crime thriller series focusing on a team of forensic pathology experts and their investigations into various crimes.

You Taught Me All the Precious Things 2011

Shuji is a young teacher whose confidence and honesty has made him popular with the students. He is engaged to Natsumi, also a teacher at the same high school. At the morning of the new semester, Shuji wakes up with a hangover and no memory of the night before, and a strange young woman in his bed. He feels terrible about possibility of having cheated on his fiancée, but when it turns out the girl is a student in his class Shuji is wrecked with guilt. Things go from bad to worse when the girl, Hikari, makes it clear that she's in love with him and wants to break him and Natsumi apart. Shuji's honest nature makes him want to come clean to everyone about what has happened, but before he has the chance, the secret is out. As his life starts crumbling around him, Shuji still decides to try and save Hikari from herself.

Cucu Tauke Beras 2017

Cucu Tauke Beras tells Marsya (Zahirah), sent by his father to go home to help the family business his grandfather control during the semester break. Marsya sure that it works is very simple. He chestnuts to become head of state in an office with a comfortable and air conditioned. Harris (Azrel Ismail), a cousin of Marsya had invited him to the house of the mayor. Marsya surprised to see Harris, formerly chubby, now a handsome man. But his hope to work easily missed when his grandfather would Marsya learn the process from start to grow rice. Can Marsya survive with all assignments given by his grandfather? Is he going to give up and return to the city?

Taurus Rising

Taurus Rising is an Australian soap opera produced by the Reg Grundy Organisation and Dixie Normus for the Nine Network in 1982. Originally intended by the network to be a replacement for The Sullivans, the series was one of a number of attempts to provide an Australian alternative to the glossy American supersoaps Dallas and Dynasty and featured two wealthy Sydney-based feuding families, the Brents and the Drysdales. To this end, it represented something of a stylistic departure for Grundy's. Unlike most other Australian soap operas which were recorded on videotape, Taurus Rising was shot entirely on film. It cost $2 million to make. Taurus Rising proved to be an expensive failure after it failed to win an audience and was cancelled after a mere 21 episodes. The series did later prove popular in international markets and was subsequently sold to American cable television, marketed as a 21-part "miniseries".

Smiley's People 1982

Called out of retirement to settle the affairs of a friend, Smiley finds his old organization, the Circus, so overwhelmed by political considerations that it doesn't want to know what happened. He begins to follow up the clues of his friends past days, discovering that the clues lead to a high person in the Russian Secret service, and a secret important enough to kill for.

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